La tua vacanza in sicurezza

OUR EXPERIENCE enables us to take on all the necessary responsibilities to ensure you spend a relaxing holiday without neglecting your safety!


Procedures for hotels have always been strict and we have always adhered to them. However, previously we did not have to explain them in detail, now it’s a must!
Obviously we have intensified the procedures and made them even more effective!
– Our cleaning ladies cleaning utilize designated material for every single room (the microfibre fringes are disposable and are previously treated with a hypochlorite solution of 2% sodium for at least 10 minutes).
– They will air your rooms and clean them every day, disinfecting every surface, with special attention given to handles, remote controls, switches, baskets and anything that might come in contact with you.
– The linen used on your bed was previously treated with an automated washing and with the use of an oxygen and chlorine sanitizing detergent which is skin-friendly. Towels will be delivered to you in cellophane bags to avoid any contamination and the pillows were thoroughly sanitized with an ozone cycle.
And to be on the safe side, prior to your arrival the room will have been subjected to a micro-nebulization cycle with a special detergent thus ensuring you a completely and thoroughly sanitized room.
These NEBULIZATION CYCLES are used daily also for all indoor and outdoor common areas.


Adhering to safety distances we will offer you impeccable dedicated service in each department:
– RECEPTION: whenever possible please send us a copy of the documents by e-mail or via WhatsApp so that upon arrival you don’t have to hand them in. We will deliver the sanitized KEYS of your room that you can keep with you throughout your stay.
– RESTAURANT: we will pamper you in every way. We will expand the spaces as per regulations, if necessary we will expand and organize access to the restaurant to avoid gatherings and to ensure you are not kept waiting. We will not forgo the Breakfast Buffet, but we have devised a system to serve you everything without reducing quantities, but by enhancing the quality of our service. For lunch and dinner, an extensive menu will be served to you safely, from appetizers to desserts and the vegetable buffet will be served to you.
– BAR: we will serve you all at the table and after each customer we will thouroughly sanitize tables and seats.
– CAR PARK: we will park your car using all the necessary safety devices (disposable gown, mask and gloves)
– BEACH: you will finally be able to move your sunbed freely without worrying about disturbing your umbrella neighbour!


– In every common area, on every floor, in front of the area toiletsbar and in any place where you need to find a dispenserhydroalcoholic solution that we PLEASE USE, in so doing you will help us take care of you! Numerous posters are on display that will help you and reassure you that you have choosen the right hotel for your holidays!


– All our staff has been carefully trained to ensure that their utmost attention to and their awareness regarding this particular situation, DO NOT HESITATE to ask, WE ARE HERE AND WE ARE HERE FOR YOU!


This is a difficult time for everyone, for our sector in particular, but responsibly this year we will apply exceptional flexibility and we guarantee your deposit for difficulties related to COVID will NEVER be lost. In the event of unexpected events related to an infection of yours or some relative or of any quarantine obligation, the deposit will always be returned.